Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Ritas of ISCA 2012

Since it was my very first Convention of the International Society of Caricature Artists, I was one of the "new" faces of the week.

And... since my face is, undeniably, unusual and unique, I was a popular subject.

Here are the 44 caricatures that I brought home last Friday (in approximate order from around the ballroom):

by Mike Hasson, ink & pastel, 15x8 in.

by Tim Hough, graphite, 14x11 in.

by Mel Lothrop, digital, printed 6x4 in.

by Kunikazu Noguchi, mixed media (paper. fabric) 11.75x5.25 in.

by Vincent Rensel, graphite, 11.5x11.75 in.

by Angie Jordan, digital, printed on canvas 10x8 in.

by Karel Op De Be├ęck, cut paper on 11.5x8 in.

by Fukue Motoyama, marker and color pencil, 10x7 in.

by Emily Anthony, marker and color pencil, 4.5x5.25 in. cropped from the following image...

by Emily Anthony, uncropped wall (do you see me?)

by Ferg Gadzala, color pencil and collage, 15x9.5 in.

by Brian Vasilik, ink and watercolor(?), 14x11 in.

by Joe Fu, color pencil or Prismacolor stix, 10x14.5 in.

by Joe Fu, ink, 14.25x10 in.

by Keisuke Chiba, pastel pencil (copied and printed) and marker, cut and mounted on 11x8.25 in.

by Jeff Pecina, marker and Prismacolor stix, 15.75x11 in.

by Taka Watanabe (2012 Golden Nosey Winner!), acrylic on illustration board, 17x11 in.

by Erica Missey, marker and Prismacolor stix, 14x11 in.

by Brian Oakes, graphite, 17x11 in.
by Brent Noll, digital, cut to 13x10.25 in.

by Mano Kyoko, acrylic on t-shirt, and mixed media, 9.5x11 in.

by Cory Lally, color pencil or Prismacolor stix on black paper, 8.5x11 in.

by Sarah King, ball point pen, 17x11 in.

by Sarah King, markers, image cropped from 17x11 in. (Don't know what happened to this one, didn't have it when I got home.:(

by Steve Dorris, ink and marker, 14x11 in.

by Seo Kim, graphite, 14.5x5 in.

by Michael Mike Graessle, watercolor(?) with color pencil, 14x11 in.

by Debbie Burmeister, ink and watercolor, 12x9 in.

by Ricardo de los Angeles, ink, 12x9 in.

by Ricardo de los Angeles, ink, 6x6 in.

by Ricardo de los Angeles, ink and Prismacolor stix(?), 11x8.5 in.

by Chihiro Miura, watercolor, 11x16 in.

by Tomomi Monma, marker, 13x9 in. cut out

by Chunco Yamashita, watercolor and colored ink, mounted on blue paper, 8x8 in.

by Dan Dunn, marker and Prismacolor stix, 17x11 in.

by Jun Oomura, ink, watercolor, collage, 14.5x20.5 in.

by Dan Almariei, graphite, 18x12 in.

by Tom Brennan, digital, printed 17x11 in.

by Derek Brennan, watercolor (or ink wash?), 18.5x10.5 in.
  This was #4 of the Top 10 caricatures of the Year!

by Anne Bush, marker, 8.5x5 in.

by Nolan Harris, digital, printed 11x8.5 in.

by Beejay Hawn, ink and color pencil, 8x7.5 in.

by Jan Op De Beeck, ink, inside his book "Sketching is Fun!", 11x7.5 in.

by Nate Kapnicky, graphite, inside his book "Beasted", 10x9.5 in.

by Jan Op De Beeck, graphite, demo in seminar, 16.5x11.5 in.

Stay tuned for the next posting of My Wall in Detail: the drawings and the faces that go with them!

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