Friday, November 23, 2012

ISCA Continued: My Wall

Finally, for my last ISCA post, My Wall! (if you're coming upon this unexpectedly, catch up with my last 3 posts. It's all about the International Society of Caricature Artists Annual Convention.)

I had to miss Wednesday of last week, and on Monday I was way too intimidated by the awesome talent pervading the entire ballroom, so my actual 'productive' days were limited to all day Tuesday and Thursday until 4pm when we had to have everything hung and cleared out of the ballroom to make way for the voting.

Here's my piece of Wall:

Jessica's caricature (upper left) took me almost the entire day on Tuesday, so on Thursday I was in hyper-drive, trying to get a respectable amount up on my wall before the deadline. 4 of the remaining eight I did with markers and Prismacolor art stix, a familiar and fast method for me. The others are pastel on sanded surfaces.

Here are most of them, with the original photo reference (when applicable) and the happy 'model' on friday!:

Jessica du Preez

Michael Graessle

Garry Jones

Dan Vottero

 Joe Fu


  1. Rita,
    My boyfriend and I were blown away by our caricatures that you did for us in Lampasas last weekend. You are amazing! I love the ones in color that you have on your blog. Your other artwork is amazing as well. We have already hung our caricature portrait in a place where all our friends can share and enjoy it. You are gifted my friend.

    -Jonthy Williams


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