Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Klahn Regeneration of my old landscape

Casey Klahn came to Texas last weekend and gave a pastel workshop like no other! He's a Modernist and a Colorist in the nature of Henri Matisse and Wolf Kahn. He creates works of art with amazing visual power that perfectly straddle the line between abstract and representational.
(I tried to decide which site of his to link his name to, but there are too many! Just Google his name, or connect with him on Facebook.)

One of his demos on the weekend was to resolve another artist's work with his own colorist solution. I volunteered an old landscape of mine...
(See Casey's post about this project HERE.)

 First, he scrubbed off parts of it, scribbled in some colors, and sprayed a little fixative...

 After some more intuitive colors, he decided he liked it better without the bottom third.

The entire finished painting
His original crop

His final crop
It's hard to decide which I like best. Luckily, I bought it, so can view whatever part I want. (Maybe I'll make some interchangeable mats. Hmmm...)


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